My new voyage of learning to revise…

Now that November is over, I’m going to start concentrating on revising somewhat – not revising the writing I was just doing for Nano, though. At the moment, what I’m excited about rewriting “Won’t somebody think of the Children.”

And so – I put my money where my fingers are and registered for the Holly Lisle How to Revise your Novel course this evening. It sounds like there’ll be a lot of hard work going through the Holly Lisle plan, but I’ve heard good things about it too. I’ll be sure to tell you what I think about the course as I make my way through it over the coming months.

The first lesson appears to be about figuring out what sort of story you want your book to tell, which sounds like a good place to start. There are worksheets to fill out about what you were inspired by before you started writing, (I’m glad I found an archived Nanowrimo forums thread where Hamilton people were discussing “What I’m writing this year”,) and evaluating what your novel turned into as you wrote it and what you think it could become.

The lessons are sent out one per week, and I’m hoping that I can more or less stick to that schedule. Wish me luck.

If you did Nanowrimo – what are your plans for learning and revising over the next eleven months?

2 Responses to My new voyage of learning to revise…

  1. Miriam says:

    Good luck! There’s always more to learn about writing and revising.


  2. Guilie says:

    Sounds like a great course, and I look forward to following your progress here. Best of luck!


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