I fail at driving – literally.

So, I took my second G2 road test today – for any of you unfamiliar with the Ontario driver’s licence system, the G1 that I have now is the ‘learner’s permit’ where you can only drive with a licensed driver in the front passenger seat, and can’t go on the freeways, and I was testing to get my G2 license, which is somewhat ‘probationary’ but really gives you most of the privileges of a full G licence.

It didn’t go well. I was nervous to start with, especially about driving in the rain, and I got the sense that the DriveTest judge lady was cranky as soon as she came out to the car and started running through the safety check with me. I was having a hard time hearing the instructions she was giving about what blinkers to use when, and then she had to point out the rear defogger, (which button my brother had just pointed out before we went inside and admitted he didn’t know what it did.)

While we were in the side streets near Eastgate square mall, I got so focused on the roadside stop that I suspected was coming up that I drove through a stop sign. That’s what I get for not concentrating on the present moment. The Judge had me do a three-point turn and go right back to DriveTest.

So, that’s it for my hopes of driving on my own before the New Year. I’m a little upset with myself for making such a stupid mistake, but maybe I’ll be able to handle a cranky judge in the car a little better the next time without losing my cool. And I’m sure that I’ll learn to be a better driver over the next month. Eventually, I will have my G2.

Count on it.

7 Responses to I fail at driving – literally.

  1. Mel Fowler says:

    That’s interesting, I didn’t know that about Canada. Well good luck I hope that you can get it soon!


  2. Anna Tan says:

    Sounds difficult…
    Hope you get your licence soon.


  3. Aw, sorry about this news, Chris. You will get through this.


  4. Nicki says:

    You can do it, Chris! I hate driving tests. The last one I took was for a commercial driver’s license to drive the big long-haul trucks, and the tester was amazed I’d been able to make it through three lights without hitting a red. (My secret? I was scared silly of having to start the truck on an incline!!) Just keep practicing, and next time imagine the tester next to you is a friend instead!


  5. Guilie says:

    Everything happens for a reason, Chris 🙂 You’re right–you will get your G2 license (and thanks for the cultural ed, by the way). No doubts at all.


  6. Better luck next time! 🙂

    I passed my driving test 2 weeks after I failed the first, with no driving in between and in the pouring rain. Personally I think my driving was considerable worse second time round but my instructor must have taken pity on me because I was so nervous. At least that’s my theory.


  7. Arlee Bird says:

    when I moved to California and had already been driving for over 20 years I still had to take the written test to get my license. I figured it would be a cinch so I didn’t bother studying and failed it. You can be assured that I studied the manual when I retook the test a few days later.

    On 12/12—Blogging advice from a blogging expert (no it’s not me)
    Tossing It Out


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