Stringing Words Day 2: Word Game threads

Sometimes you just need to relax and have a little bit of fun before going back to writing. That’s what word games are for.

There are two long-running word games on the Stringing Words forum. One is fairly simple, a word association game where you type in the first word that comes to your mind in response to the previous word:

The other game is a bit more unique – you’re still playing a new word based on the previous word, but instead of free and subjective mental association, you have to get to a new dictionary word based on four simple ‘change a letter’ rules:

  • Remove one of the letters of the last word
  • Add a new letter into the last word (at the start, the end, or between two letters into the middle)
  • Exchange any letter of the last word with a new one (in the same position)
  • Take a letter and move it to a new position

It’s fun the steps that you can take from word to word to word, and how quickly there’s no trace of a previous word left.

What kind of word games do you like to play with friends?

One Response to Stringing Words Day 2: Word Game threads

  1. I’ve played something like this only with songs. Sounds fun!


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