The December call to relax.

I’m starting to feel like I’m in dire need of taking a bit more time to relax.

I dove head-first into new projects as soon as Nanowrimo was over this year – the Holly Lisle revision course, outlining ‘Magic Manuscript’, reading and critiquing stories, driving lessons, and so on. That’s all good stuff. But I may want to dial back my December to-do list just a little bit so that I can chill out.

What about you, have you been relaxing lately?

2 Responses to The December call to relax.

  1. avatar139 says:

    I’d suggest taking some time off to read, as I think that’s one of the things that fuels the fire of writing, Chris!

    Hopefully you can take some more time to finish OOTP and work through a few fic recs…Hmm, speaking of fic recs, I’m sensing a blog post here! 😉


  2. So far I have utterly failed at relaxing, since Nanowrimo I’ve re-outlined a story I had started in the summer and have also begun outlining two more :S
    Apart from that I’ve had to attend a training course in Edinburgh and had to study for an exam I sat this week. My plan is to read over Christmas to try and relax but every time I pick a story up I end up wanting to work on one of mine. LOL


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