Six Sentence Sunday – Odin vs Melanie, continued.

Thanks for all the great feedback last time, guys, and I hope that you had a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year’s Eve.

I’m going to skip a bit further into the scene, for some more Odin/Melanie fireworks. Personally, I like Odin, and he becomes a much more sympathetic ‘personality’ later on in the novel. But he’s by-the-book, and that’s not always a good thing when it comes to women and getting pregnant…

“‘At the end of the hiatus period, adjusting as necessary considering the projected course and the rates of death, such measures shall be taken as necessary to ensure the birth of the new generation and that it shall be optimal for the genetic health of the community, according to mission requirements.'”

“You can quote that straight out of the rulebook, huh?” Melanie nearly spat back at Odin. “You’re handing us the letter of the regulation to cover your digital butt, and of course we could never get you on a violation of those. All that you’re good at is following rules. But – but these are human lives that you’re toying with, Odin – dammit, you should have told us!”

I nearly rolled my eyes – it’s like Melanie to lose her temper at Odin, but of course it doesn’t really accomplish anything.

8 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – Odin vs Melanie, continued.

  1. Ruth Madison says:

    Very interesting dynamics between the characters. And their personalities come out very clearly even though this is the only section I’ve read. Very nice.


  2. Intriguing! Wonder what happens if you can knock him away from his rule book 😉


  3. Vivien Dean says:

    I love the relationship between these two. Looking forward to more!


  4. Carly Fall says:

    Wonder what he would be like without his rule book? Looking forward to finding out!


  5. wishing you a Happy New Year!

    Odin needs his ravens for wisdom!!


  6. Sue says:

    Happy new year Chris!

    I don’t think everyone got it that Odin is a computer…
    And while the beginning is good I’m confused (that’s nothing new) about who’s speaking in the last sentence….


  7. pippajay says:

    I wonder if they can catch Odin out on a violation.


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