Six Sentence Sunday – Odin, again

Hi, everybody. I’m sticking with ‘Won’t somebody think of the Children’, and including another conversation with Odin, although this is a different scene. And yes, to repeat for anybody who hasn’t read a prior excerpt where I made this clear, Odin is the ship’s computer.

“Odin, what’s the current ETA on arrival at the Alpha Centauri system?” Robert asked in a clear voice that just about everybody in the cafeteria could hear.

“Based on the current flight plans, Santa Maria will cross the astropause of the Alpha Centauri primary and enter the star system proper in approximately seventy-two years and three months,” Odin told him. “Specific destinations within the Alpha Centauri system are still unclear with best possible telescopic observations, so our ultimate destination has not yet been selected.”

“That’s fine, Odin,” Robert told the computer graciously. “Let’s go with seventy-two years and three months as the time remaining in our journey before the mission of exploration proper starts, for the time being. Given…”

“So noted.”

5 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – Odin, again

  1. Sue says:

    that journey will take several life times. Are people freeze dried for the trip? I don’t remember if you said this or not previously. I read your earlier posts re: POV – a fascinating topic


  2. Interesting 6, thanks for posting!


  3. I, too, want to know if this is a suspended animation journey with only a few at a time awake, or whether this is intended to be a trip where the colonists reproduce en route.


  4. Brinda Berry says:

    I can hear her voice reading that so calmly and in charge. Odin is a she, right?


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