My drive to get a G2 licence – update

So, I took another G2 road test on Monday, and did much better than last time, and somewhat better than the road test I had in November, but I still didn’t pass. Hopefully one more try will do the trick – if I keep devoting time to driving practice, drilling on some of the maneuvers that trip me up, and build some of what I learned from this last try into behind-the-wheel habits.

One of the big problems, which I feel a bit foolish about, was that I’ve gotten sloppy about staying in my lane when turning at an intersection, to the point that I didn’t even think of it as something that I should be making an effort at during a road test. I think that some part of my brain even figured ‘if you just turn into the lane that you’re going to want to be in, then he can’t dock you points for muffing the lane change.’ Probably true as far as it goes, but not much good if you get docked for screwing up the turn! Sigh…

Aside from that, it was mostly stuff that I knew were my weak points before – the ‘roadside stop as if you’re on a slope’ always seems to come back to haunt me, but I’ll get it next time, I really think I will. I scored better for looking around myself and using my mirrors, and did a little better on the parallel park – didn’t tap the barrel behind the parking spot, though I got half a point off for getting too close to it and not looking behind me when I was in reverse.

I want to remember to call the driving teacher from A1 academy this week, so that I can get some feedback from somebody a bit more experienced than my brother before the next test. And I still haven’t booked an appointment for February yet. My brother is picking me up tomorrow for another practice session. I drove home from work on Thursday with him, and that went fairly well.

I just gotta keep at it.

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