My calendar of goal tracking is in trouble!

Because it can’t stay on the wall. 😦

I think it was on Sunday that the calendar fell for the first time, while I was across the room. I let it sit for a while, then figured that maybe that first adhesive hook had run out of life, and that since it stayed stuck for about three weeks, maybe I should just keep going through the rest of the pack of nine, and it could last me for another six months or so.

But the second hook was only good for three days. So I’m going to try something else. Let’s see if I can get it working tonight…

Nope, push-pin’s no go. Okay, how else can you hang a calendar from drywall?

Edited to add – but no! I was able to get the push-pin to work, but first hammering one push-pin into the wall, (breaking off part of the plastic,) and then prying it back out, and using a second push-pin!

4 Responses to My calendar of goal tracking is in trouble!

  1. Kurt says:

    Push comes to shove, you use a wall anchor. You can buy small sets of them at a hardware store.


  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    I have the same problem. I put a hole in it and pushed it over a hook on the back of a door. That ripped but husband got some really heavy duty fridge magnets (a much better place for a calendar anyway) and it hasn’t fallen yet!

    That is so my favorite show btw!


  3. Loads of bluetack… I’m not sure that’s sold outside the UK though :S
    Also LOVE that show


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