In which I miss the boat on a Blogfest, and it gets me thinking…

So, I was doing the rounds and trying to catch up on my inbox today, and found somebody who was participating in the week-long I’m Hearing Voices blogfest. It sounds like a really cool event, that I’d love to have joined in on – but given that the instructions said to post about it by January 30th, and I missed the Monday event, I decided not to scramble to come up with something for today. I may try to join in on the Friday event and write an emotion flash fiction.

But – I feel like in some ways, I’m doing better in keeping up with the writer’s blogosphere than I have before, but there has to be a better way to spot these events with plenty of lead time than happening to drop in on somebody’s blog who’s posted a badge for this particular blogfest, or posted an entry promoting it.

Am I crazy, or is this not a problem that calls for a bit of centralization and specialization? Somebody who can step up and volunteer to be the definitive source of information on all writing blogfests, who will promote them all – and who everybody will know to keep in the loop when they start a blogfest? Okay, trying to make anything definitive when it comes to something as disorganized as the writing blogosphere may be a high bar to set, but still…

Is there somebody who’s already making a go of this, and I’m too clueless to know about them yet?

If not – could a blogger as hopelessly out of touch as me have the chutzpah to believe that he could become the guy?

What do you think?

5 Responses to In which I miss the boat on a Blogfest, and it gets me thinking…

  1. Trisha says:

    I agree it could be a lot easier than just being lucky enough to ‘stumble upon’ these things. I’ve got a Blogfests page that I maintain, but sometimes it’s totally empty even with blogfests going on at the time. It’s just a matter of me being in the right place to do the rounds and visit the right blogs, I guess! It’d be cool if there was some central page listing all upcoming blogfests that bloggers were encouraged to submit to. 🙂


    • Trisha: Do you want to try to make your page the authority, and list Blogfests that people let you know about even if you don’t participate? Because if you do, I can promote it. 😉 If not – maybe I’ll make it a Kelworth Files feature.


  2. I’m going to type in all caps because I’m excited about what you’ve written here: YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS!!!! WE NEED A BLOGFEST HUB!


  3. Sounds like a daunting task. Perhaps if your followers could help keep you in the loop about blogfest they’re either participating in or know about, it might help.

    I occasionally post blogfest in my sidebar.


  4. avatar139 says:

    I think that it’s a great idea and I fully support you doing it!

    With that said, I also think that in the future if you want to ask for volunteers in the hope that someone else might do it, you might be better served by waiting a few posts before bringing it again and THEN putting the offer out there to do it yourself! 😉


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