Almost finished ‘The Storm Mirror…’

I’ve been working on my story ‘The Storm Mirror’ for just over two weeks now, and it took longer than I expected the first draft to be. It’s also become a somewhat long and rambly first draft, getting close to eight thousand words now. I’ll probably want to trim parts of it down.

But I love how it’s been coming the past few days! I’ve gotten up to the big dramatic climax, and it just kinda flowed naturally and I was able to get a little foreshadowing in there. I do love it when a story comes together.

All I really need to write now is one short scene to establish the conclusion. And then I’ll need to figure out another short to start writing. I’m toying with a plot bunny about President Eisenhower and a scriptwriter, just as Ike’s taking office – he found out that he inherited a Roswell alien conspiracy from Truman and he’s determined to go public with it. What do you think, does that sound like an interesting premise?

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  1. avatar139 says:

    Very interesting concept!

    Eisenhower’s skepticism regarding the feudal nature of military bureaucracy is well documented as was his attempt to bring it more tightly under civilian control by the creation of DARPA so it would make sense that he would be more suspicious of any attempts to keep a major discovery of extra-terrestrial nature under wraps.

    Sadly, he was thwarted in his attempts by the heads of the military who, by testifying before congress during the post-sputnik launch hysteria, ensured that the military would retain control of a good deal of the resulting deluge of funding for the conquest of space headed off the threat in their testimony by heavily advocating the creation of another agency who’s name will forever live in infamy.

    Yes, I’m referring to that once proud bastion of Engineering known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (more commonly referred to by it’s acronym, NASA).

    How the mighty have fallen in recent decades! 😛

    To be fair, however, I should also note that were some positive results of NASA, mainly regarding it’s effect on DARPA’s mission.

    Since it’s original purpose of Space exploration was taken off the table, DARPA needed a purpose to continue it’s existence (and more importantly to justify continuing it’s funding ;), so it turned to research and development various strategic computing projects, by far the most noteworthy of which was ARPANET, which was the direct ancestor of the internet of today!


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