Campaigner Spotlight: Donna Martin

Hi, everybody! I’m pleased to finally launch my Campaigner Spotlight series for the Fourth Platform-builders Campaign by bringing you a spotlight interview with Donna Martin, from On the Write Track.

Campaigner Spotlight is brought to you by the Stringing Words writer’s forum!

Are you more comfortable in a large group or talking with just one other person?
It really depends on the situation.  I am currently a 4th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and have been teaching for about 9 years so I am extremely comfortable in large groups when I am instructing or doing a demonstration.  Off the mats, however, I am an extreme introvert and would rather talk one on one.  I am fascinated with people in general and I would have a better way of getting to know someone new through a one on one conversation.
What would you do all night if you couldn’t get to sleep?
Again, it would depend on the situation.  If I am by myself, I would read or watch some of my favorite movies or get on the internet.  I have many WIPs that need my attention and there are always all these lovely blogs to follow.  But if I am with someone else, then I would spend hours just talking, discussing all kind of topics and taking the time to connect with that other person.
Do you tend to remember any of your dreams?
Funny you should ask about dreams.  I always remember my dreams as they are extremely vivid; full of color and action.  Early last year I started a strange pattern of dreaming where I actually visualized a different children’s picture book every night for three weeks straight.  Every morning I would wake up and rush to write everything down.  Up until that point I had given up on my writing and I hadn’t actually written anything in over 20 years.  Now, I can’t seem to get the dreams to stop… lol
What advice would you give to all your fellow campaigners?
Listen to your heart.  Don’t let other people’s negativity bring you down or make you doubt yourself as a writer.  If you wake up each morning with thoughts of stories in your head, then you are a writer.  If all you can think of during the day is your next revision, then you are a writer.  And if you lay down your head at night and plan out the plot of your next novel before you fall asleep, you are a writer.  No where does it say you have to be “published” to be able to call yourself a writer so be proud of who you are because I am!
My blog, On The Write Track, is my way to encourage and inspire my fellow writers, both new and experienced, on their path to publication.  I write children’s picture books, middle grade novels, young adult novels, poetry, essays and just about anything else that interests me.  I love it when I get new visitors to my blog who leave me a comment on one of my daily posts as I reply to all posts.  And I will be having another contest sometime soon so keep checking in with me!
Thanks for answering my questions, Donna, and I hope you have a really great Campaign experience! I’m still looking for more Campaigners to spotlight, so if you’re interested in doing an interview on the Kelworth Files, let me know in the comments or email me at chrisken zero at gmail dot com

9 Responses to Campaigner Spotlight: Donna Martin

  1. Donna Martin says:

    Thanks, Chris, for making it so easy to be interviewed…;0)

    This was my first official interview as a writer and I must say you selected the perfect questions to trigger a chatty response from me…lol

    Thanks again!

    Donna Martin


  2. That was a lovely interview with interesting questions. Seems Donna and I have a few things in common, and dreaming is one of them…lol. loved this thanks Chris.


  3. Great interview! You’re so right about the publishing thing. If you have story ideas and you act on them, you’re a writer. Getting published is great, but you’re a writer long before that happens.


  4. jarmvee says:

    I’ve often struggled with the definition of ‘writer’. I do feel and act like one, and I look forward to the day when I can be called an ‘author’! Thanks for your words of encouragement, Donna. You are right, we shouldn’t be intimidated. We should do what we do best. And that, of course is writing…
    Good interview! I appreciate your transparency, Donna.


  5. What a fun interview. I would be interested in being interviewed. My challenge entry is #88. My blog is

    Richard Alan


  6. clarbojahn says:

    Thanks for sharing Donna with us, Kelworthfiles. As one who is interested I found it inspiring as well.

    Let me say hi from the campaign. My challenge story is for chidren called “dont eat my toes Ok? here:

    Im number 181 if you like me. thanks for reading.


  7. I really enjoy Donna’s blog and her work. She is a wonderful person to know! Thanks for the post.


    • Donna Martin says:

      Awww, Regina, you are going to make me blush! Lol…thank you for your kind words. I try really hard to make my blog informative, inspirational and entertaining so it’s always nice to hear some people there like what they are reading…;0)


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