Six Sentence Sunday – The Storm Mirror 3

First six. Second six.

I’m skipping ahead just a little in the story. Melvin has found out that his big brother Alec was lost overboard in a storm. After the memorial service, his mother sends him to the market to buy supplies for the salting yard.

“It’s all on account of the witch, you see,” Auntie Janis was saying to her middle-aged assistant, as she looked for the bottle of tarragon. “She used to be so nice and kind, but I suppose that you can never trust a witch. First she got ugly, and then she got old, and then she said that she didn’t want anybody visiting her anymore. Maybe she’s sending the storms out of spite, for all that I know.”
“Excuse me, Auntie,” Melvin said, taking out two large pieces of silver – a bit more than he’d need to pay for tarragon and paprika. “Which witch are you speaking of?”

9 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – The Storm Mirror 3

  1. Stephanie says:

    There’s more than one? That can’t be good. 😉


  2. Ursula Grey says:

    Nice six, I’m intrigued!


  3. Very curious. Great dialogue.


  4. Sue says:

    which witch – you couldn’t resist could you? 😀


  5. Callie Leuck says:

    Which witch, indeed. ha!

    Hey Chris, I can’t find any contact information for you. Can you email me? _______ [at] gmail [dot] com – Just want to ask you about doing a guest appearance. I don’t want to leave all the info on your blog.

    Intriguing story 🙂 Curious to see more.


  6. Supernatural storms? I like fooling with the weather to do nasty things! (By the way, I’m here is spite of the broken link.)


  7. Wildcat's Wife says:

    Nice surprise at the end with the question asking about “which witch.” Now, was Melvin supposed to be at the market or was he still in the room with his Aunt? I was just a bit unsure. Story sounds interesting!


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