Guess what I bought?

The next item in the ‘Spotlight on Chris’ is supposed to be six things I wish I’d never done, but I may just pass on that entirely because of something that I never want to associate with regrets or wishing I hadn’t done…

I bought my car this afternoon! It’s a white 2007 Pontiac hatchback, and even though I still need to pay for it, and wait for the dealership to finish servicing it, and get the insurance all arranged, I’m really excited, and a little bit nervous. This is more money than I’ve ever paid for a single thing in my life. It’s more than a year’s rent!

Erm, I should probably try to calm down just a little. Let’s just say it’s been a big day.

And I’m gonna need to find a name for the car… since it’s white, I’m wondering about ‘Ghost’ 🙂 Whatcha think?

7 Responses to Guess what I bought?

  1. You will be the Ghost-Rider. There might be a book in that 🙂


  2. newdayrisingisnotavailable says:

    Ghost sounds great. My good pal Doctor Lock named his car Shadow!


  3. Congratulations honey!!!! 🙂

    Nice name 😉



  4. The Golden Eagle says:



  5. Jarm Del Boccio says:

    It’s a big step, but if the car serves you well, it’s well worth it…congratulations!


  6. roguemutt says:

    White Pontiac hatchback, is that a Vibe or an Aztec?


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