My ‘Garret’ has been profiled!

Callie Leuck has posted a profile of my writing space, for her Garret Tour Tuesday series, so go over and take a look at my armchair o’ writing, as well as finding out what I had to say about when I like to write.


4 Responses to My ‘Garret’ has been profiled!

  1. Two netbooks?

    Isn’t that just greedy? Lol đŸ˜‰



    • There’s nothing wrong with being a digital device collector!

      Actually, though I do have another netbook, it isn’t in the picture. The black computer sitting on the television box is a Toshiba Satellite – it has a sixteen inch screen and originally came with an optical DVD recorder drive, so it’s not a netbook. Unfortunately, it’s not holding up so well at this point, so I don’t use it as much as I do the red netbook.


  2. cmleuck says:

    I *love* my netbook, and I’m seriously considering looking into an Alphasmart. They just look so useful!


  3. Cool! Callie has a great idea for writer-themed posts. I’m off to look at your garret!


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