A is for the Adoption Society

Hi, and welcome to the Kelworth Files 2012 A to Z series. This year, I’m focusing on another creative April event with my theme for the A to Z challenge – I’m spotlighting Script Frenzy, the crazy script writing challenge where anybody can write a 100-page script in thirty days!

As long as I keep it up to date, you can find all the entries here.

So, first I’d like to tell you about the Adoption Society. Writing a script in a month, especially for the first time, and there often comes a time when you need a somewhat random idea to help your muse out and send your script in a new direction. On the other hand, sometimes you’ve got an idea that doesn’t really fit your script, so you need to help it find a good home or it could ruin everything.

Thus we have the Adoption Society, a crazy world-wide swap meet of script ideas and notions. Whether you need a one-line joke or a title, or you need to give away a secret society or a mythological creature, the Adoption Society is the place for you.

It can also be an amazing place to procrastinate for a few months during April, just window-shopping among all of the different adoptable threads and seeing what’s available. Who knows, maybe you’ll love that crazy gadget so much that you’ll have to tell the characters in your script, “It followed me home – can we keep it?”

What’s my favorite part of the Adoption Society? Probably the crazy storyline notions in “Adopt a Plot.”

If you’re a Frenzier, what’s your favorite thing about the Adoption Society? If not – what would you be looking to adopt right now? What could you give up for adoption?

9 Responses to A is for the Adoption Society

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m here from the A-Z challenge. I’m impressed that you’re doing both that AND Script Frenzy. That’s a lot of writing! I did NaNoWriMo last November and loved it. I might try Script Frenzy someday. Good luck!


  2. Arlee Bird says:

    You’ve got your hands full. I’m sure a lot of writers out there could use an adoption society.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog


  3. Mike says:

    Good luck with the Script Frenzy! The adoption society sounds like a neat place. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Nicole says:

    Wow, this seems like such a cool concept! Thanks for stopping by my blog for the challenge.


  5. Melanie says:

    Hi Chris, it sounds like you are doing A LOT of things in getting more writing out. Thanks for letting us know about Adoption Society.


  6. I LOVE the Adoption section on the Nano forums….use to spend hours reading the posts lol



  7. Sounds like a great idea! I’m not doing script frenzy, but sounds fun! 🙂


  8. Misha says:

    Hmm… not sure, actually. I think it’s one of those weird people who’d spend hours browsing and walk away without taking anything. 🙂


  9. Ooh, I’ve done Script Frenzy before but never found out about Adoption Society. Maybe because I don’t hang out much at the forums.
    Will keep that in mind for the next time!


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