E is for Evocative words.

The Script Frenzy A-Z challenge so far…

Script Frenzy publishes a lot of ‘Cameo’ articles that might be of use to participants, especially to beginner script writers. One of my favorite Cameos is Reach for the Evocative Word, by Lisa Dostrova. And yes, she’s mostly talking about dialog. 🙂 So go and give the article a look.

What’s your favorite evocative word?

4 Responses to E is for Evocative words.

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think it depends on the character, and the situation. Thanks for the article. I’ll read it and come back when I’ve considered.


  2. That has always been difficult for me to find just the right word…I ponder over the possibilities for quite some time, and even look in a dictionary for help. I trust someday it will flow from my tongue and brain without effort!


  3. Sonia Lal says:

    I don’t have one. I am not sure characters have a favorite word, either.


  4. Donna Hole says:

    Good advice even for ms writers. When I watch a movie and hear an excellent line or dialogue, I always think “yeah, but some writer had to think that up before the actor could make it memorable.” I’d love if something in a book I wrote because a catch phrase.

    Talk about immortality 🙂



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