Six Sentence Sunday – Geek at Heart

If you read my post from Friday, F is for Formatting, then you’ve already seen these six, actually, as I used them as an example in this post. They’re the first six sentences of my new script, though, (as nearly as I can count sentences in a script,) so I wanted to share them again for the SSS crowd.

4 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – Geek at Heart

  1. Kate Warren says:

    I’m intrigued. Never been to a convention but I’m a Star Wars fan.


  2. Is this a convention? I thought it was a casting call.


  3. Stephanie says:

    Interesting. I love conventions, although any costume I come up with always gets blown away by the others that appear.


  4. I need to get to a convention sometime soon. WP won’t let me sign in. So I have to use Twitter. Great meeting you. 🙂


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