M is for Municipal Liaisons

The Script Frenzy A-Z challenge so far…

I have to walk a fine line in this post between tooting my own horn and admitting that I suck. 😉 For I am one of the few, the somewhat mighty, Script Frenzy Municipal Liaisons.

A Municipal Liaison is a local Script Frenzy facilitator to help encourage participants in the same city or region to come together and meet with local events – like social parties for the start, middle, and end of the month, or weekly ‘write-ins’ where everybody brings their laptop to a coffee shop and pound out a few pages together.

I haven’t actually done that much as a Municipal Liaison. I’ve welcomed everybody to the online forum and tried to moderate the discussion there as much as moderation was needed. I reached out to a neighboring region that doesn’t have an ML this year, and tried to keep an eye on them and help out. I threw a ‘Kick-off’ party for my own region on March 31st, at a favorite coffee shop – and nobody else showed up, as I suspected that they might.

The thing is, there’s only half a dozen or so writers in my region this year, and a lot of them are teenagers who can’t make it out to events, or otherwise aren’t interested. And – well, I’ve been busy with a few other things myself, such as the blog, and getting ready for Wizard World Toronto. I’ve been encouraging people to suggest good times and places for events, but nobody else has spoken up, and I don’t really want to declare an event all by myself and be alone again.

It looks like Script Frenzy is having trouble finding MLs in Ontario – as far as I can tell, there are only four of us on duty – there’s also two in Toronto and one in Ottawa. I hope that more people volunteer next year, because they’re a key part of the event, a personal touch that nobody else can quite match.


4 Responses to M is for Municipal Liaisons

  1. Oh, what a shame you were sat there on your own 😦

    When I did Nano last year I went to lots of Write Ins which really helped. We did sprints to get our word counts up and shared our problems. It was the meets that our ML organised that kept me going!!!!!

    Good luck hon, hope you manage to get some interest.



  2. mel says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for commenting on each and every one of my A-Z posts.*touched* I really admire your dedication to the writing community – I’m just trying to meet deadlines, but you are being a great facilitator/mentor to all these budding writers out there. The world needs more people like you!


  3. Yay for MLs! My region has grown from 0 to 7 in the 2 years I’ve been ML. So, they really do make a difference. But there’s a lack of MLs in general, and in partcipants. Do you think that the lack of MLs golbally this year is affecting the partcipant level? As MLs are we allowed to comment on this?


  4. Regina says:

    Unfortunately, I am one of the ones who can never find the opportunity to go to the retreats or meetings that are around in my local community either. I know that there are some things that I can switch around and that I would much rather be at those things as well instead of some of my other obligations. I am glad to see that you are working your A-Z Challenge. I am still somewhat silently following when the opportunity presents itself. Best wishes.


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