O is for Other Genres and Script Formats

The Script Frenzy A-Z challenge so far…

Script Frenzy is an event that welcomes outsiders and outliers. So, along with all of the discussion forums dedicated to particular genres and script formats, there are gathering places for those who don’t quite fit in with the established categories. If your script project defies categorization, you might well be at home here.

In the ‘Other Genres’ forum, there’s currently discussion about surreal mind trip movies, autobiography films, a tragicomedy, and a fandom crossover episode. There’s a short discussion about steampunk, a question about the possibility of writing porn scripts, and even somebody planning a series of political cartoons.

Over in ‘Other Scripts’, I noticed that somebody is apparently scripting a documentary, as well as plans underway for a long-form soap opera, and video games. And there’s Markus, who was kind enough to answer my question about his series of comedy sketches.

“My script is coming along nicely right now,” Markus wrote. “It is difficult being funny in small doses, but having written movie scripts, I know that a longer script is difficult as well. It depends a lot on the sketch, but a fake commercial isn’t difficult, because really, there’s only one joke. But with a more in-depth sketch, it requires multiple jokes to keep the sketch flowing. Even harder than that is effectively establishing the characters, having a beginning, middle, and end, as well as a flowing plot in such a short time.”

Good luck, Markus, and all the other Script Frenzy outsiders!

One Response to O is for Other Genres and Script Formats

  1. I really admire anyone who can write a script…to me it’s something alien and frightening! hehe


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