P is for Plot Doctoring

The Script Frenzy A-Z challenge so far…

I’ve mentioned the Plot Doctoring forum in passing in my Just a Dream post, but I couldn’t resist dedicationg P to Plot Doctoring because it’s one of my favorite places on the Script Frenzy website. Basically, it’s a community for solving plot problems – if something is causing an issue in your storyline or narrative, you can start a thread in Plot Doctoring, and there’ll probably be a handful of other Frenzies who can help you out.

Permanently stuck (stickied?) to the top of the Plot Doctoring forum is the Screnzy Dares thread. This is a bit like everything from the Adoption Society rolled into one thread, but sillier – if you need something just flat-out wacky to include in your script, then care to take a dare! Many of them come with even more outrageous for bonus points, double bonus points, triple bonus points, and sometimes even more.

Some of the other threads currently on the front page cover:

  • Finding a name for a sidekick.
  • Possible screwups in a turn of the century bootlegging operation.
  • A name for the army of Chaos.
  • Conversation topics on a first date. (Not my topic, though it’s relevant to my script.)
  • Ending suggestions for a short film about high school and art.
  • How to bring a particular character into a ‘Transformers’ movie plot.
  • ‘Help – my plot just blew up in my face!’
  • Cornfields in an Iowa movie – horrible cliche or workable trope?
  • Theme and how it motivates your scenes.
  • Ambiguous phrases that mean different things depending on how they are said.

I should put together a post asking for help with making my main character his own worst enemy, come to think of it.

2 Responses to P is for Plot Doctoring

  1. J.C. Martin says:

    Sounds like a potentially useful forum. 🙂

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger


  2. DL says:

    That sounds really interesting! I’ll have to drop by and take a sampling. Thanks! 🙂


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