V is for Video Diaries

The Script Frenzy A-Z challenge so far…

One of the highlights of Script Frenzies are the little video clips that the staff at the Office of Letters and Light film and post on the website, talking about their own struggles with their scripts, to encourage the rest of us and start conversations on the discussion board. Here are some of my favorite videos from this year…

Some ‘Young Writers Program’ Script Frenziers made their own trailer for the event, which is pretty cool!

Lindsay does a little demonstration of script formatting in action! The script equivalent for the video is here.

Sandra welcomes newbies and veterans to the Frenzy and asked about the best ways to make week one’s excitement and pep last for a whole month:

Sarah challenges us to harness the power of the unexpected and add metaphorical snow to our scripts:

Chris A mashes up old-time silent movies with a slideshow!

Aliza compensates for quietness by giving us visual aids about her reward system!

Shelby confesses that she’s running low on enthusiasm in the middle of the month

Tim shares the inspirational power of photos – and plugs an iPad giveaway!

And the newest video, from today, is Sandra again, talking about turning on the Script Frenzy winning machine, and plugs the Donation Day event.

Enjoy watching! (And then get back to writing, if you’re in the Frenzy or doing other writing this month.)

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