X is for Xaeromancer2008

The Script Frenzy A-Z challenge so far…

Well, surprise surprise, it’s spotlight on a Script Frenzy participant again today, and I’d like you to meet Xaeromancer2008. Xaeromancer is working on a comic script called Bedlam, which he describes on his Script Frenzy profile as Sons of Anarchy meets Black Death. “A knightly order is broken and struggles for revenge during the crusades.”

How many years have you been doing Script Frenzy?
This is actually my first year of Script Frenzy, I’ve tried NaNoWriMo before but never succeeded (so far). I’ve had the idea for this script for about a year and it’s been kept on the back burner by other projects and my day job. Script Frenzy was an ideal opportunity to dust it off and get some words down.

How did you first find out about it?
Even though I never “won” NaNoWriMo, and it’s been four years since I last attempted, I’m still subscribed to their newsletter. When I got one that mentioned Script Frenzy, I looked at the target and it felt a lot more feasible than thirty thousand words.

What’s your favorite thing about the script that you’re writing this year?
Although I did cover some script writing as part of my degree, I’ve mostly been a prose writer since. Writing a comic script has been a completely new experience, thinking visually and using layout as part of the narrative has been refreshing. It’s also been quite rewarding to develop the background to a world that I have only really hinted at in my prose and to let that take centre stage.

What’s the hardest thing about participating in Script Frenzy?
Getting the words onto the page, just the same as any other writing project. I’ve already fallen behind once and would’ve been in real trouble if it weren’t for the Easter break. I’ve set myself a target of five pages a day, working five nights a week, so that should see me right. Plus I’ve booked the Monday of the last week in April off work, just in case!

Why should my blog followers join the Frenzy next year?
It’s a great motivator: Validating your file at the end of the day, watching your page count creep up, making sure you keep on the target line for your stat page. All the writer’s resources are good too, and they’re there all year so you needn’t have to wait for Script Frenzy next year before you start your script.

Thanks for answering my questions, Xaeromancer, and good luck with your comic!

2 Responses to X is for Xaeromancer2008

  1. I have been tempted, but never really strongly, because I just don’t know how to write scripts 😉


  2. G says:

    Although, I’ve not “won” this year, Script Frenzy has really crystallized the project I had. It’s turned out to be lot bigger than I could have covered (about 800 years of story bigger!) and I’ve been able to put some flesh on the bones of character’s I’ve had for years.

    Also, at the time of writing this reply, Chris has 1 more page to write. Come on, Chris! One more page!


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