Look at me, I’m Kreativ!

Thanks muchly to Elizabeth Twist, for passing the ‘Kreative Blogger’ award on to me!


1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2. Answer the seven questions (or alternates, as provided by Elizabeth).
3. Provide ten random factoids about yourself.
4. Last but not at all least, hand this on to seven deserving others.


1. What’s your favorite song?

Varies with the day, but I’ll send some love out to ‘You can Always Reach Me”, sung by Amanda Stott, especially because I forgot about it when I did the Top Ten Song Blogfest. It doesn’t appear to be on Youtube, but it’s a very sweet love song full of great imagery about staying connected. I ended up working it into a Roswell fanfic I wrote, “Love will Last Forever”, because it summed up Isabel and Alex’s relationship in that story so perfectly.
Alternative Question:Name one song you listened to over and over as a teenager.

2. What’s your favorite dessert?

Just about anything ice cream – possibly a soft serve vanilla cone. Ahh, so delicious, but so fattening.
Alternative Question:What are you having for lunch today?

3. What do you do when you’re upset?

It depends. Often, sulk for a while and do things that aren’t good for me to try to cheer myself up – unhealthy food, watch some television or whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚
Alternative Question:Describe the last time you were bored.

4. Which is your favorite pet?

Well, I don’t have a living pet, but there are still quite a few stuffed animals staying at my place. I don’t like to play favorites, but certainly Basil, a white-ish teddy bear that I’ve had for many many years, is dear to me.
Alternative Question: Which is your least favourite pet? He or she doesn’t have to belong to you.

5. Which do you prefer? Black or White

Not a big fan of either, but it would probably have to be white. (That goes double for the bread ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
Alternative Question: Which do you prefer? White or whole wheat?

6. What is your biggest fear?

I’m not sure. Possibly of living a meaningless life and being forgotten once I’m gone. Or pain. Pain is scary.
Alternative Question:Name one of your strong points or special skills.

7. What is your attitude mostly?

I’m not quite sure how to answer this – I generally have a positive, laid-back attitude, though it might be hard for people to tell because I spend a lot of time dreaming up stories.
Alternative Question: Do you think it is better to help people or leave them alone?


I grew up in a sincerely Christian family.

I went to school in a ‘gifted program’ for grades 4 through 11.

I lived at my parent’s place without a job for eight months after graduating university, and then enrolled at a ‘career training’ school.

I generally like flying – as long as I’ve got videos to watch or something else to keep me busy.

I used to be a late riser, but have become a morning person after I got a job.

My ‘flex-time’ job just got less flexible, so that I can’t set my hours much earlier than 9 to 5 anymore.

I’m a math geek and love writing computer programs to solve silly puzzles.

I like moments when I can imagine as the first to do something that’s probably going to become a trend.

I usually tip just under 20%

I took my written test for my learner’s permit two years ago this weekend. (After having a learner’s permit when I was a teenager and letting it lapse without passing a road test.)


So, I’m passing the Kreativ Bloggr award on to:

FWG @ New Day Rising
Donna Martin
Jarm @ Making the Write Connections
Sue Ann @ Homecoming
Shannon on Writing and Rewriting
Jess @ Whimsical Quests
Vikki @ The View Outside

5 Responses to Look at me, I’m Kreativ!

  1. Kate Warren says:

    Cool factoids, Chris. I haven’t gotten my license yet. Need to study up again and get a new permit.


  2. “Randum factoidse” is worth turning into a trend. Love it!


  3. Thanks, Chris…I was “tagged” twice! I appreciate your consideration. It might be a couple of weeks before I mention it on my blog, but I will!


  4. Thank you so much honey ๐Ÿ™‚



  5. […] over at The Kelworth Files has nominated me for The Kreativ Blogger […]


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