Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 3

First six. Second six.

Dara is the pilot on a routine space shuttle trip, which has just become less than routine:

Something must have leaked just enough heat into the fuel tank for one piece of Fracture to detonate early, and that set off a chain reaction.

Dara sighed and started the emergency procedures. This was not going to be an ordinary milk run.

“There is no need to be concerned,” Dara said to the passengers and the cabin crew over the shuttle’s video screens. “Our engines are down, except for the small docking jets which will not be enough to get us to a stable orbit. However, we have six hours before our orbit will decay significantly, and Orbital Rescue and Recovery has been notified.”

Again, any feedback would be much appreciated, and thanks!

4 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 3

  1. I am interested. The sigh before the emergency procedure tells me she is used to these blips in the ordinary routine. I want to know more about her 🙂


  2. Haha… No need to be concerned, eh? I’m not sure I’d be buying that if I was a passenger on board 😉


  3. Somehow I don’t think the passengers are going to be reassured.


  4. Elin Gregory says:

    So glad I’m not on that shuttle! This is very tense and I like the world weary charactersation of Dara. He seems a real professional but not perhaps the best as customer relations. Very enticing Six. I hope you sign up next week too.


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