Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 4

First six. Second six. Third six.

Thanks so much for the comments so far! There’s just been an accident on a routine flight up to a commuter space station. The engines are dead and the ship is stranded in a slightly unstable orbit…

“When will Orbital Rescue get here?” a woman in an expensive designer dress demanded from one of the most comfortable seats.

“We haven’t been given exact ETA, but I’m expecting a rendezvous in approximately four and a half hours.”

“I’ll miss my connection,” an older man said, and others near him started to grumble.

Ronny, the Chief Purser, chimed in at this point. “On behalf of the company, I apologize for the delay and inconvenience. Southwest Orbital Transit and your next carriers will do everything that they can to get you on your way with a minimum of disruption.”

Thanks very much for any feedback you can give me!

4 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 4

  1. Stephanie says:

    Sounds like my last plane ride 🙂 Which is to say, it’s very believable, and I have a feeling their flight will soon be a lot more disrupted.


  2. Elin Gregory says:

    You catch the tone of routine inconvenience very well in this snippet. 🙂


  3. I think I’d worry about more than a missed connection!


  4. Jacey Faye says:

    Agreeing that I’d worry about more than a missed connection here! But I also agree that you’ve caught the perfect tone for this; Ronny’s voice is particularly dead-on for his position. 🙂


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