Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 5

First six. Second six. Third six. Fourth six.

Thanks very much for all your comments so far. I’m going to skip over some routine emergency procedures stuff and pick up where things start to go off procedure.

Dara kept busy asking for more information on the Rescue and Recovery timeline, checking on their orbital status and all the ship’s systems other than the main engine. She was taken by surprise when an unfamiliar figure signaled at the cockpit door. That tall, dark man wasn’t in the cabin crew, but he moved with some authority in free-fall.

Instead of pressing any panic buttons, Dara let the door slide open. “Can I help you, sir?”

Mister dark-skinned and handsome floated smoothly through the cockpit hatch.

Thanks in advance for your comments!

8 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – The Shuttle 5

  1. raebethmcgee says:

    Ohhh interesting. I want to find out who the dark skinned handsome man is. Great Six.


  2. Kate Warren says:

    I hope he’s a good guy. Great six, Chris!


  3. Hmm. There’s always something interesting about a character who walk in like he owns the place. Nice six!


  4. Ooh, intriguing– wonder who he is and I hope she didn’t make a mistake opening the door!


  5. Stephanie says:

    It can’t be easy to move with authority while floating. Interesting.


  6. Emma says:

    Mister dark-skinned and handsome has me paying attention!


  7. Elin Gregory says:

    Moving with authority in free fall is a terrific trick if you can pull it off. Very nice six.


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