Summer of Shorts challenge is having a dark moment.

Words written so far: 33

Mood: Blocked. 😐 And it’s too hot.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get any further on Story number 7 just now. Hopefully I’ll be able to break an idea for a new story to work on this month, and then when I get to Kansas I can figure out if I go back to ‘Marketing the World’ or write it off as a bad go and try to work out one new story idea.

At least I’ve made some decent progress with the critiquing, though I haven’t sailed through several stories like I did yesterday. But every little bit counts.

Speaking of the Kansas workshop, there was some interesting news this afternoon – apparently we’re going to be based on the other side of the KU campus this year, in a snazzy new scholarship dorm, closer to the student union and downtown, so people are excited about that. On the other hand, it’s further from the dining hall where we used to have lunch meetings last year, and it sounds like the union cafeteria isn’t as good for Jim Gunn, so we might be playing the lunch deal by ear.

Oh – and I got some new shoes, which I was wanting to do before I went to Kansas. They’re exactly the same style as the ones I have now, just not as worn out. I kinda liked the thought of that, when I found them in the store again. They’re cheap and comfy, after all, which is what I ask out of shoes.

2 Responses to Summer of Shorts challenge is having a dark moment.

  1. Trisha says:

    I can’t stand hot weather! I always have the a/c cranking when I can


    • Yeah – I’ve gotten used to leaving the air conditioner down at 1 when I’m at work for the day, to save on power, and cranking it up when I get home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a timer circuit.

      Yesterday, the thermometer in my kitchen read 30C when I got home. Cranked up the air conditioner, went out shopping, got back after an hour – and it was down to 27. Started making dinner – and the temperature edged back up to 28 with the air conditioner still going full tilt! 😦

      Today I left it turned up to 4 when I left for work.


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