I always forget my anniversary…

I started by introducing myself to the blogoverse as Chris Kelworth on the tenth of June,  2010, inspired by something I was told at my first Brian Henry Saturday workshop. I meant to do something really cool for the Kelworth Files’ second birthday. Well, the tenth was a Sunday, so I did Six Sentence Sunday, and for the days around it, I was rambling about superstition and posting a goals update, which is cool, but not very celebratory.

So – mucho thanks to all you cool bloggers, followers, and everybody else who’s helped me feel welcome throughout this two year journey. For all of you, I’ve brought a special thank-you present! Click on the box to get your special gift.

And this is a gift that keeps on giving, too! 😀 Can you figure out how?

4 Responses to I always forget my anniversary…

  1. Nicki says:

    At first I was like…wha? But then I was like, OH! Happy Blogiversary!


  2. Trisha says:

    Yay!! Happy blogoversary to you 🙂


  3. avatar139 says:

    Wait, shouldn’t there be a cake with two candles on it? Shouldn’t there be frosting and fireworks to celebrate? Shouldn’t we all sing Happy Birthday?

    And damn it, Chris, I know you love the blog but shouldn’t we be married by now?! I mean people are starting to talk…

    Er, anyhoo, in all seriousness, Happy Anniversary! 😉


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