Chipped my tooth. :(

Chip happens.

Sigh – I should have been looking where I was going more closely as I rushed to cross Mass street at the corner of Eleventh today. Went splat on the pavement, skinned both knees, my chin, my upper lip, somehow the back of me left shoulder…

And there’s a big chip out of one of my top middle teeth. It doesn’t hurt much, but it’s a weird sensation, and I feel a need to be careful about eating anything not very soft.

Luckily, the travel insurance that I got with my round-trip flight has very good coverage for impact dental. I’m hoping to get an emergency dentist appointment sometime tomorrow before workshop session.

6 Responses to Chipped my tooth. :(

  1. Trisha says:

    It was bad enough without the chipped tooth, but that was definitely the worst part! Hopefully you’ll get into the dentist quickly.


  2. Donna Hole says:

    I don’t know why, but I hate to fall down. Its not just the embarrassment, there is just something totally scary about falling.

    Hope you get that tooth fixed and feeling normal again.


  3. Oh no!

    Falling over in public is soooo embarrassing 😦

    Glad to hear you weren’t hurt too badly xx


  4. So sorry to hear about your spill…I’m glad you were not hurt badly, and can still attend the conference!


  5. Laura says:

    OUCH! Gosh! I am so sorry that you fell and were injured. Chipping your tooth can be both painful and expensive. I hope that your dentist does a good job on the fix up.
    All the best of luck and feel better soon too.


  6. Catherine Johnson says:

    Oh dear, and then having to trust a dentist you don’t know. I bit a chunk into the tip of my tongue the other day. I was so lucky not to bite the end right off. It hurt! Better luck this week!


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