A CGI Light Saber Video thank-you!

I’ve been waiting ever since April 30th for a ‘Script Frenzy video thank-you’ montage to come out – I donated to support the event, and at my donation level you could send in one line of your script to be acted out. I picked a funny bit from a walk-on Klingon cosplayer where he rants a little about Jedi Knights, from my fandom romcom “Geek at Heart.”

I was starting to wonder if the video would be stuck in Development Hell, especially since Script Frenzy has been sorta-cancelled 😦 – but an email from Grant showed up this evening, and O M G…

They actually did a CGI Light Saber effect!

On one level, I hope that the OLL staff didn’t spend any money on that, that it was just a stock effect in some video program that they were already playing with, or a free online tool, or whatever. But – light sabers! Yay!! Harry, my main character, is probably a bit miffed in that he doesn’t get to play with CGI light sabers, just the moderately pricey glowing model sabers.

In other news, traffic and my air conditioner are conspiring to drive me crazy. Tune in tomorrow to see if they succeeded…

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