Ninja Spotlight #7 – Rose Winters

Good evening, ninjas and followers. Today, I’m very pleased to spotlight Rose Winters, author of the Plinas series.

Tell us something that’s frightened you.

*Cough-cough* Getting people I don’t know to read my work.

Are you more of a planner, or a spontaneous person?

It depends on the book I write, but normally I’m spontaneous. (Even in my life if I’m working on a good book I’m spontaneous. When I’m writing a frustrating book I’m a planner. I’m weird like that.)

Who would you go to if you desperately needed help?

I go to my best friend who is a fellow author. She reads all my work and passes it onto my other best friend-fellow author as well- and they help me with all my problems, life or writing.

My writing really started to progress when I joined several writing clubs in junior high. I had loved writing since the 3rd grade, but again it didn’t really start until my seventh grade year. Even then I had several failures, but now I edit my current books-which I am working on- and I do believe they are getting to their full potentials.

The books I am currently working on are all part of a five book series, and they have been quite a project. The basic summary of the first four- the main series from which the fifth book branches off from- is very long and as expected the teenage characters honestly get frustrated that their lives are so crazy. The genre of my books are always either fantasy or fiction, but I have only ever managed to write one realistic fiction book, and it hasn’t been finished- just put on a shelf for a later time.

My writing is my own unique style and thanks to my friends and family I have managed to keep going even through my tough writer’s blocks.

To see what I am currently working on, visit my blog of updates at where I insert all my updates and tidbits of edits.

Thanks for joining us, Rose!

2 Responses to Ninja Spotlight #7 – Rose Winters

  1. Thanks for the interesting interview Rose and Chris!


  2. Stephanie says:

    Great interview Chris and Rose. I can understand having to plan for a book that’s frustrating. Plans exist to ease frustration 🙂


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