Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that look 6

It’s still all about teenagers and sci-fi cosmetics, genetic tech to modify bodies for the sake of looking good.

First Six. Second Six. Third Six. Fourth Six. Fifth Six.

I cleared my throat, brought out the pocket-Smart, and then with a shrug I just let him see the list. It wasn’t like I really had a problem talking to strangers, but that seemed easier. He scanned the list and tapped a few things on a monitor screen that was turned away from me. 

“Okay, we’ll have to test if you’ve still got growth spurt potential, but we should be able to get you to your target height in about three weeks. Do you mind if you get taller, later? Your body might have its own ideas about when it wants to grow?”

Since the cookies for comments deal was fun last time, I’m continuing it for this week. 😉

7 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that look 6

  1. soniawrite says:

    I liked your six sentence sunday. I just posted mines check it out.


  2. DasNuk says:

    This is a nice change-up, teenage sci-fi. I like it!


  3. This raises some really interesting questions – great six!


  4. Interesting! where was this device when I stopped growing taller at age 12??? LOL! Excellent excerpt…


  5. lvoisin says:

    Intriguing concept and story line. And yay! Another YA author 🙂 Great six!


  6. Lyric James says:

    Great six. I love sci-fi.


  7. Sarah says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I kind of felt a chill with this set of six and the last set. It might be because your main character hasn’t really said much throughout these SSS entries. It’s interesting how he hasn’t had any second thoughts. Of course, he might have or he might be all for it. It just hasn’t shown up in the snippets. 🙂 I would definitely like to see his take on these cosmetic procedures he’s about to undergo.


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