Ninja Spotlight #8: Carolyn Brown

Hello to you all, friends and followers. First spotlight of the week, first spotlight of the month, please help me give a big hand to Carolyn Brown!

What is your most prized possession?
I like my technology, so I would have to say my laptop!  It holds my world in its silicon brain!

What is your favorite genre to write in?
I love to write Paranormal, Fantasy Romance targeted for the New Adult age group.  I find I can be a bit of a cross genre writer and sometimes add bits of sci-fi into the mix.

What’s you beverage of choice while writing?
Mostly water, sometimes a glass of wine or two and an occasional coffee.  I try to limit my coffee intake to a maximum of two glasses a day, but I find it hard to pass up a cappuccino.

I haven’t been a Ninja for very long and am overwhelmed by the support the Ninja’s give each other. I came across Ali Cross’s site one day and joined up and soon after entered a competition on her blog which won me personal ‘Branding’ advice from Ali – a lucky score! I have followed her advice and I am so glad that I did! Thanks once again Ali!

I have started adding pieces of flash fiction to Friday#Flash most weeks on my blog and I have just released the cover art of my second book in The Protector Series, titled: He Came For Mine”.  It is a New Adult Paranormal Romance which continues on the story of Jazz and Sebastian’s fated love story!

If you are interested in helping a fellow Ninja please sign up for the Blog Hop to be held during the first week of October, 2012.  If you do participate, you will receive a free copy of “He Came For Mine” upon its release!

Thanks Chris for asking me to participate and having me on your Blog.

Thanks for coming, Carolyn!


3 Responses to Ninja Spotlight #8: Carolyn Brown

  1. Yes, Ali is the original Ninja Master!
    I like my laptop as well, but I think my iPad just beats it…


  2. Ciara Knight says:

    I’ve signed up for your release! I just discovered the tablet, and now I’m addicted. 🙂


  3. Mark Murata says:

    Great! Thanks for sharing.


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