Nanowrimo Camper Check-in, week 2

Word count: 17,379

I’m having a lot of fun with ‘A Witch of Arion’ so far. Maybe it should be ‘The Witches of Arion’ since I’ve got two living witches, one dead witch, and one witch wanna-be. But titles can get sorted out later.

My witch wanna-be MC has just been raped by a demon at the behest of the evil witch; not that fun a scene to write. 😦 And then I felt moved to cut away to some of the secondary characters, and introduce the good witch, Summer Rain from the hamlet of White Rock. I’m finding it a bit hard to keep track of the character names, place names, and other consistency details at this pace, but that can be part of the Nano fun!

One little inconsistency hobgoblin just occurred to me today. The man who took my main character (the witch wanna-be, Nashua,) along with the travelling fair introduced himself as The Fox, and all of the other characters in the fair call him that too. I seem to have a habit of choosing Fox-related names for scene-stealing minor characters in Nanos – there was Johnny Fox in the Star Patrol story last November, who I already posted about at length.

I must have had foxes on the brain after Nashua left the fair and moved in with Black Ear the witch – the first morning, she has to wash out in the garden, and is surprised by a ‘red wolf.’ The witch was watching, and tells Nashua that that wasn’t a wolf, just a fox.

Nashua: “What’s a fox?” headsmack!

With a bit of luck, I can get the bit to work, I think. When she was interacting with The Fox at the fair, she never showed any particular sign of knowing what it was a reference to, so as long as she remembers the guy when she’s told that the animal is a fox, it’ll hang together better. The idea I had was that foxes aren’t found in the area where she grows up, near the seaside town.

Wish me luck with the rest of Camp Nanowrimo. Are you working on a writing project this month. How’s it going so far?Jo

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