Fan Expo Day 2 – A good kind of tired.

Okay. Woke up, got Tim’s for breakfast, worked on some of ‘The Witches of Arion’, transferred it to the Tungsten C to work on while I was on downtime at the convention center, got into the shower, and rushed to get dressed and out of the hotel before ten.

Got into the show without too many lines, around twenty after. Picked up a ticket for the John Barrowman autograph line, they said it’d be around twenty minutes. There were a few people lined up for James Marsters, but he wasn’t there, and somebody said he was supposed to get there for eleven, so I didn’t wait around there.

I checked for the Browncoats booth, (still not there, maybe they don’t have one this year,) and read a bit. Back to the autograph lines, got a book signed by John Barrowman pretty quickly, he was really fun and friendly.

By this time James’ line was pretty long and a few people were filtering in for Juliet Landau, so I talked to the people in Juliet’s line, and they said they were hoping that she’d be there around eleven too, so I got in line too, pulled out my Kindle, and waited.

And waited. Eleven o’clock comes around, James shows up, his line starts moving. After noon, a volunteer finally shows up and says that Juliet is still in her hotel, and that the earliest she’ll be around is one fifteen. One fifteen is also when James and Juliet were supposed to have a joint photo op according to the program.

I bail from the line then, surprised that it doesn’t entirely melt away. I line up for James, then give up when I’m about halfway through, deciding that I don’t really want to spend forty bucks on a repeat signing.

So I wander around a bit, go to the board games room, find an old critique partner and talk to her about writing or the lack of it for a few minutes, check out a rules book for “Settlers of Catan”, then go back downstairs to grab some pizza, and I decide to try the Juliet line around one fifteen.

She still isn’t there, and at one thirty a volunteer says something about how she’ll be there before a two o’clock or two fifteen photo shoot, but not everybody in line will get something signed then. I take off again and kill some time before the Sci-fi speed dating session. Pull out the Tungsten C, and find that it’s complaining about low battery, even though I charged it up on Wednesday. Sigh. Put it back and make a mental note to try charging it again tonight.

Speed Dating was really great and I met many fascinating women. I hope at least one of them feels the same way about me and wants to see me again. 😉 It  let out a little early, I think they had several no-shows and not enough people on the waiting list to make up for them, so I was able to make all of the Levar Burton Q&A, which was really very fun.

Then back down to the Juliet Landau line. Still quite a few people, still no Juliet. “What the…?” Somebody tells me that she’s shown up, but has also left her desk more than once.

But I figure that I can wait a while, I have nothing to do until six and the SPACE screening at six isn’t a must-see anyway. In ten minutes or so, Juliet appears, and the line starts moving – but rather slowly. It seems that she really likes chatting for several minutes with each and every person, which is kinda cool, but does make the waiting a bit harder.

At one point I notice that Alan Tudyk is also signing, (he wasn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow,) and I get the girl behind me to hold my place in line for a minute, and rush over – just in time to hear that they aren’t giving out any more ticket numbers for Alan’s line, so that he can go when everybody they’ve given a ticket to is done. Sigh. By the time six crawls around, I’m about two thirds of the way through Juliet’s line, so I wasn’t about to abandon it a third time.

We had a great little chat as she signed my Buffy comic collection, asking about who did the artwork for the one with Dru in it, and asked me to sign up to her mailing list for upcoming projects. I did have to confess that I loved Firefly a tiny bit more than Buffy. 🙂

Upstairs to the screening room, and it’s six-thirty by this point. I missed the intro and even the name of what was being screened. I wasn’t sure if there was just the one title or if I’d missed something else. But it was a rather cool show about an English girl who sees ghosts. That ran close to the hour, and I hurried over to another screening room – for JJ Abrams’ “Revolution.” Just as I got to the door, a volunteer was saying that they’d have to disappoint people.

“Right now?” I ask.

“Um, no, there’s standing room still,” she said, and waves me in.

I look at the room, filled with seated people, and several dozen others standing in the back. I take a moment, and realize that I’d had enough standing, so I slip back out the door when I get a chance and head back to my hotel room.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, a few notes from last night after I sent out the post from my iPhone. Julie Benz’s Q & A was awesome, and I had a great time in the Dresden Files RPG session.

And today, I managed to finish two vampire books on my Kindle during my various sessions in Juliet’s line: “All Together Dead” by Charlaine Harris, (which I started a month ago, but haven’t been reading that much, concentrating more on Deathly Hallows and the Martian Chronicles, but I was 75% of the way through it yesterday,) and all of “Vampire Diaries: The Fury” by LJ Smith. What else should I have been reading while waiting for Drusilla? 😀

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