Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that look 12

Check out the full list of participants over at the Six Sentence Sunday home site. In the world of the future, anybody can use genetic treatments to look exactly how they want – or can they? This will be my last six from ‘Gotta have that look’, and hopefully I’ll be able to pick something new to share sixes from by next week!

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I could recognize the voice. No matter how much she changed her look, she hadn’t touched a vocal cord manipulator in a year and a half. “Thanks for coming to visit me, Diane.”

A fluffy pillow hit me in the face before I spotted it coming. “You’re not welcome,” Diane screamed. “You really frighten me, Jimmy, and if anything more serious than this had happened to you, I’d have… well, I don’t know what I’d have done, and you might never have known, but I’d never have forgiven you.”

Muchos big thank-yous for feedback and comments!

9 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday – Gotta have that look 12

  1. Karysa Faire says:

    Wow – what an interesting premise!


  2. Val Clarizio says:

    She sounds a tad bit fired-up. He’s lucky she only used a pillow:)


  3. Jenna Jaxon says:

    Intriguing set-up! Makes me wonder what happened to him! Guess I’ll have to go back and read up. 🙂 Great six!


  4. Kylie Scott says:

    Great dialogue. It really works to show her emotion, the fear with the touch of humour. Cool 6!


  5. I loved the pillow throw. Definitely set the scene on how the heroine felt without her saying a word. 🙂


  6. Great six. Makes me want to read more.

    a/w Cera duBois


  7. Oooh I want to know why she hit him! 😀


  8. Amy Gregory says:

    Wow! Great tension 😀 awesome six!!!


  9. Love the pillow throw: shows her anger and concern rolled up in one neat action.


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