Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 2

Well, it’s Six Sentence Sunday again!

Last week, I started sharing from my raw Camp Nanowrimo fantasy manuscript, telling the story of how a little girl becomes a powerful witch…

The kids had been talking about the fair for weeks, ever since Jackalan had brought the first news. Jackalan’s father was the Baron’s Reveller, which apparently meant that he was always looking for fun things that the town of Egya could do.

School was let out for a week-long holiday, and Nashua went to the first day of the fair with Mother and Auntie Lima and Nashua’s cousin Peeyi. There were singing bards and jumping acrobats and lots of unfamiliar but delicious food. There were two knights that jousted, though Nashua was a little disappointed after watching them go three rounds that neither had seriously hurt the other.

But a shiver ran through her as Mother led the way past a tent where a little boy her own age was calling out “Come one, come all – have your fortune told by the witch!”

Thank you for your feedback and comments!

6 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 2

  1. The fair sounds fun! The end line sets up a sense of mystery/foreboding 🙂 I’m curious about the “unfamiliar but delicious food”; what delicacies are on offer at the fair?


  2. I love the disappointment when the knights didn’t hurt one another, LOL! Nice foreshadowing at the end, too. ;c)


  3. Eleri Stone says:

    Love carnival settings for fantasy. That sense that anything could happen.


  4. I’m really getting into this story. Can’t wait to read more!


  5. Paula Martin says:

    Great description of the fair.


  6. Jessica Subject says:

    It’s cute that she was disappointed that no one had hurt themselves. Such a typical child. LOL Nice six! 🙂


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