Channeling Bugs Bunny with baby steps

I was one of those kids who never liked to eat his veggies. I didn’t really grow out of it. My mom grew tired of trying to make me.

When I decided that I was serious about wanting to lose weight four and a half years ago, part of that was trying to eat smarter, but I still wasn’t able to make much headway on the veggies front except a few little baby steps. I knew myself enough to tell that trying to push into something that I felt I didn’t like, deep down, wouldn’t help. I did start eating more fresh fruit, and I began to cook with those little bottles of purreed baby veggie food – they added a nice touch of veggie zing to just about any sauce.

But a few weekends ago, as I was serving myself some stewed beef and pasta, I thought, “you know, if I diced up an actual carrot into the stew just as I was getting it started, after the meat was done simmering the pieces of the carrot would be nice and mushy and would really go well with the gravy.”

So, the next time I was in the store, I picked up a carrot from the produce section. I haven’t actually done a beef stew since, but I chopped up that first  carrot and simmered it into a batch of ground beef and gravy, which I used half in a cottage pie, served over hash brown patties, and also tater tots.

The next carrot I bought went into a batch of pasta sauce, which has about three quarters of a serving left in the fridge, and I’ve also stirred a few pieces of carrot into a can of cream of chicken soup, and had some with chicken fingers and hash browns. Last night, I called my sister to check if she had carrots that she could cook up for Thanskgiving dinner this weekend.

A few carrots here and there aren’t really bridging the gap between me and the healthiest of diets, but I do feel a little pleased that I’ve found a way to get myself to eat my veggies and like them.

Just remember to make ’em mushy. 😀

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