Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 4

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday.

Thanks to all who’ve commented on my sixes for ‘The Witches of Arion.’ Young Nashua is at Fox’s Fair with her mother, and the two of them got into a battle of wills over whether or not to visit the witch’s tent and get their fortune told.

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Mother looked around, then strode up to the calling boy. “Listen here – we’re not going into that little tent with the witch, hidden from sight where she can do anything she wants. Will there be a show somewhere else?”

“Listen, me mam likes her privacy,” the boy said. “She’s not going to be performing up on the stage like she’s an acrobat. You don’t wanta go in, fine – we’re doing good business without yah.”

Thanks very much for any feedback!

3 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 4

  1. I love the witch’s son, that kid’s got attitude and bravado 🙂 Great 6.


  2. Evelyn Jules says:

    Very intriguing six! I kinda want to get my fortune told by this witch who likes her privacy. 😀


  3. Enjoyed your snippet. Great dialogue. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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