Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 5

Welcome back to Six Sentence Sunday.

Thanks to all who’ve commented on my sixes for ‘The Witches of Arion.’ Young Nashua is at Fox’s Fair with her mother, and the mother is getting into a confrontation with the little boy calling for customers to get their fortunes told by the witch – who’s the boy’s mother.

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Mother’s cheeks wrinkled like she’d been stung by something little and nasty. “Listen, gutter boy, and listen well. My husband is on the Baron’s court – I can pay well if I’m pleased, or make life worse for your ‘mam’ if I’m not pleased. So when I say that I want to see the witch without going inside the tent, what do you answer me?”

Nashua saw the boy’s face go slightly pale after Mother said ‘make life worse’, and then he tried to hide it, but she new that Mother had spotted that too. “I’ll go have a talk with Mam and see if we can work something out,” he muttered.

This week, free ice cream to everybody who gives me feedback!

10 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 5

  1. Jessica Subject says:

    Oh, she told him. Nice six!


  2. Ana says:

    She did tell him!


  3. Elin Gregory says:

    Parents can be so embarrassing! Especially ones that throw their weight about. Nice six


  4. Great dialogue, Chris!


  5. Ooo, free ice cream?

    Great descriptive six!


  6. Ryan Derham says:

    Interesting that the boy tried to hide his fear of her threat and was only partially successful, and that Nashua and her mother picked up on that.


  7. I feel really sorry for the boy, he showed such courage last week! I’m really beginning to despise Nashua’s mother! Great 6. Chocolate ice cream is my fav 😉


  8. OUCH! She sounds like a villain we love to hate. Great six!


  9. rileymurphy says:

    Great tension with: …but she knew that Mother had spotted that too.


  10. Great descriptive six. It really sets the scene — and I’ve got tons of sympathy for the young boy. 🙂


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