It’s shredder-licious!

I bought a home shredder a few weeks ago, at the closing sale of the local Zellers store. I’d been talking about getting rid of old papers with Elizabeth Twist on a Sunday afternoon at Williams coffee shop, and she recommended getting one.

It’s definitely kinda fun. I took a little while getting it set up and figuring out how to work it, but the first batch of shredded paper filings went out in the recycling blue box this afternoon, and I shredded some years-old Visa statements this evening – only ones that were mostly empty, because I kinda wanted to keep ahold of anything that had plenty of details of what I was spending money on, years ago. It’s cool to see it sitting there, ready and waiting to cut anything that I want to get rid of into lots and lots of tiny pieces.

Mental note – need to find someplace that sells shredder oil pretty soon, so that it doesn’t start jamming up on me. 🙂

One Response to It’s shredder-licious!

  1. I did have one, great fun….but I killed it lol



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