Nanowrimo Spotlight #4: Monica C., Teen Blogger from Living Homeschooled

Well, the Nanowrimo Spotlight train just keeps on rolling, and today I’m happy to shine the spotlight on Monica:

What’s the most unusual part of your writing process?
The most unusual part is probably how I edit. I hate editing, and generally put it off as long as possible, meaning that I usually end up spending hours doing it all at once. After a basic spell check, I try to go and divide my work into sections, or chapters, depending on the length. I do not usually divide it up as I write, so that part comes later. Then, I edit one chapter at a time, usually attempting to do five or six in a day. This way, I can do a basic edit in a week or less. At this point, I decide whether or not a re-write is worth while, or if I should abandon the work, at least for the time being.

Where are your backup files?
I have my writing in two places: in a text file on my computer, and in Google Drive. I know it is probably not the most secure way to save them, but it works for now. I intend to get a USB flash drive before November so that I have another way to back up my novel,

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Set goals. When ever I start a new writing project, I set goals of how many words I should get done each day, week, or month. In NaNo, some goals are set for you (such as 1667 words a day), but I find it helpful to be even more specific. Such as, I should try to get 1,000 words written before lunch, and another 700 done in the evening after my homework is done. I often try to set goals just a bit higher then I then I need to, so that if it does not all get done I am not too far behind. Also, if I do get ahead that leaves a little more wiggle room for Thanksgiving, or another day when not much gets done.

Sneaky Ninja Question! If you went missing, who would notice that something was wrong first?
Probably my younger sister. We spend a lot of time together, and she would likely notice within a few hours if I was missing.


I am Monica, homeschooled high school student, blogger, reader, and dancer. I blog about homeschooling, writing, and pretty much anything else at I love to writing, and do it a lot. My first experience with writing came when I was seven, when I began publishing a four page ‘newsletter’ each month for my family and friends. I kept it up until I was eleven, and school started taking up a lot more time. It was a great experience, and one that really convinced me that writing was something I was meant to do.

I started NaNoWriMo last year with a few friends. I finished with 50,002 words, and loved it. I had always loved writing, but I had never really finished anything of that magnitude before. NaNo really boosted my confidence as a writer, and I have spent the last year working on various fictional projects (mostly short stories) in preparation for this November. I can not wait to start!

You can also find me on NaNo, and on Google Plus.

Thanks for stepping into my spotlight, Monica!


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