Nanowrimo Spotlight #5: Martha Bechtel

Are you asking, who could I possibly spotlight next? No? Well, anyway, the answer is, Martha from…

What’s the most unusual part of your writing process?

I dunno, the silly hats I wear to write-ins or maybe the MuseFic I write when I’m stuck?

I used to think my addiction to index cards and colored markers for plotting was unusual, but the more I get out into the NaNo universe the more I realize that ‘normal’ has a new definition. I’ve been reading a lot more this year than in prior years (books, blogs, etc.) and everything I always assumed was odd turns out to be a technique someone else uses as well.

Except for the silly hats (and possibly the MuseFic).

Where are your backup files?
I post everything to my blog, so it exists on the netbook, the USB stick, the blog, and my desktop. I also have the database setup to email me weekly backups, but that WordPress plugin seems to be on the fritz now. *pokes plug-in*

I used Google Docs for a while one year, but I had problems with the formatting changes since I use Word for most of my writing. I’ve also poked around at other online storage options, but my blog seems to be the easiest solution.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Don’t be afraid to fail! 😀

If an idea isn’t working, backup to where it was working and start over again (but keep the wordcount). Retcon’ing is a valid writing technique. *solemn nod*

Or try your hand at some MuseFic and see if you can’t sort out why things aren’t going well– maybe you just need a change of POV to get things rolling again.

And if all else fails, pull a ‘it was all a dream the MC had right before he woke up and the real story started’ or even a And then there was Thor! 😉

Sneaky Ninja Question! When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?
Thanks to my Dad and his drive to finally clean out our accumulated horde I can say with 100% certainty that I was well into my storytelling habit by the time I could hold a pencil (but not spell, apparently). Prior to that I drew a lot of silent movies…

There are horse stories (LOTS of horse stories) and serials about anthropomorphic Gumballs and Pumpkins. Heck a little later on I did a whole series on Mr. Electron where I taught the basics of electricity to third graders.

Mind you, all of these were typed out, illustrated, and staple-bound into actual books because, lo, I get art in my peanut butter– err, writing all the time! 😉

Someday I need to start scanning those in– I’d say for posterity’s sake, but mostly just my own amusement.

Lots of people will tell you that NaNo is not for being perfect, that you need to keep writing, even if it is crap– but that’s a lot harder when you’re actually shoveling the stuff.

So try this if you’re feeling like giving up: write fan fiction of your novel.

Take a minor character or an off-scene event and pause for a moment to spin some flash fiction about them/it. Sometimes the best stories are the ones hiding in the cracks of the larger ones. 🙂

Thanks for coming to visit, Martha! Oh, and I think that everybody should make a point of checking out Martha’s Saturday Story Prompts.


One Response to Nanowrimo Spotlight #5: Martha Bechtel

  1. Thanks so much for the Spotlight– that was a lot of fun!

    I’ve really been enjoying reading this series; it’s interesting to see how other people tick when it comes to NaNo. They give me new ideas on how to attack plotting problems (and bribe the plotbunnies) and any help I can get is all good. 😉

    Can’t wait until November starts! 😀


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