Nanowrimo Spotlight: Murphy Gets Dragged Out of Her Pub

Good afternoon, faithful friends and followers. My Nanowrimo Spotlights this year have been a lot of fun, and today I’m spot-lighting L. M. Murphy.

What’s the most unusual part of your writing process?
Okay, first you’re going to have to define what constitutes usual—I’m pretty sure even some writers would be weirded out by all the stuff I do when working out a first draft. *laughing* In all honesty, though, I don’t consider any of it unusual. What happens in the midst of plotting—or completely making up as you go along—a novel happens. I have a whiteboard, oodles of Post-Its, a set of matching notebooks for each book in my series… One thing that concerns my boyfriend, though, I know, is my tendency to yell at myself for bad writing decisions via notes on my whiteboard. Multiple notes in different colours, in one of which I think I’m a genius while in the next I berate myself for being an idiot, aren’t uncommon. My whiteboard in general can usually be counted on for some amusing/interesting/worrying snapshots of my writing process. This quote from my boyfriend pretty much sums it up: “Someday, someone somewhere is going to use that as evidence to have you committed.”

I don’t think I helped things by reacting no further than ensuring he wasn’t going to be the one locking me up. Oops. *winks* I’ve also been known to talk to myself (and be completely unaware I’m doing it), but so far I’m pretty sure that’s only happened in November. Pretty sure.

Where are your backup files?
On three different flash drives, named Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3, because the horror stories of lost work in the NaNo forums have made me hopelessly paranoid. I’ve also downloaded Google Drive but have yet to get as far as actually using it for backup. Oh, and Scrivener creates an automatic backup document of my projects each time I open, close, or manually save them—and it’s set to save automatically after two seconds of inactivity.

Paranoid, maybe (it’s definitely another one of those things that worries my boyfriend *snicker*), but it makes me feel better.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Don’t stress yourself out over it. Well, okay, some stress is bound to happen. Don’t get so worked up about word count and plot that you forget to take something away from it or that you don’t have fun with it. Winning is fantastic, yes, but attempting at all takes no small amount of gumption, so take pride in that and have fun with the event! Make friends, discover something new about yourself as a writer or human being (or alien, cyborg, or whatever-you-may-be), and enjoy whatever creative progress you make.

Oh, and keep some form of munchies close to hand. I’m a fan of chocolate covered cashews and multiple varieties of tea, myself. And since, being a complete lunatic, I volunteered myself as unofficial ML for my city-within-a-region this year, I have a feeling I’m going to need them.

Sneaky Ninja Question! What’s your favorite category of joke?
Whatever makes me laugh! This runs the gamut from politically incorrect remarks to people being silly to giddy feelings about life in general. Sometimes it’s political jokes, sometimes it’s redneck humour. (Hey, I’m living in a city, but I was born a small-town hick, okay? I’m impressed I haven’t said y’all so far. Wait—damn it.) Nerdy jokes work too, particularly those of the psychological variety, since in the ideal world where I actually have a job in the field I studied, I’m a behaviourist.

I like to laugh. It’s not hard to get me giggling. Achieve that, and we’ll be friends, but tickle me and you die. I’ll take chocolate and tea as bribes, though, if you’re worried that you’re not a funny person. Just sayin’. Back rubs work too, but those put me to sleep.

L.M. Murphy is the pen name of someone who isn’t sharing her real name, because that would ruin the point and she needs some mystery about her. The person behind the pen name is a twenty-something with a generally mischievous look about her who finally started to write actual novels through discovering NaNoWriMo in 2009. Besides being a writer, she is also the owner of an incredibly cute and remarkably dumb hound dog, sister to five younger siblings who may or may not be part of the reason she’s crazy, and partner to a guy who amazingly hasn’t run screaming for the hills yet. She hates writing biographies, but loves writing in general, and can be found on NaNoWriMo as murphyslawyer, and on Tumblr and Twitter as murphyslawyer22. Her blogs are See Murphy Write and Murphy’s Pub.

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  1. Sushi says:

    It’s a Murphy! And here I thought y’all was a southern US thing.


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