Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 9

I’m doing great on NaNoWriMo, but Six Sentence Sunday continues. Nashua just told her parents that she’s going to be a witch…

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Father dropped his cup. “What did you say, girl?” Mother burst into loud wails and sobs.

“Thank you very much, I enjoyed myself…”

“That’s – that’s a disgrace to our family at the best of times, but after seeing one of them humiliate your mother, and hearing how frightened she was? Do you hate her so much that you want to become one of her tormentors?”

Thanks in advance to anyone who comments.

3 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: The Witches of Arion 9

  1. Great reaction from her parents. I wonder how it makes Nashua feel – can’t wait to find out 🙂


  2. Lisa Fox says:

    Her parents don’t seem to like this decision very much at all!


  3. Sounds like neither of her parent’s approves of her career choice.


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