Six Sentence Sunday: The Snow Job

Hey! I’m very grateful for all of the great comments I’ve gotten from this series of sixes from my Camp Nano unfinished novel “The Witches of Arion”, but I felt I needed to do something different this week. Before Sunday is over, I should reach fifty thousands words on my November Nano, “Snow Job”, so I’m going to share six sentences from the beginning:

Ryan caught sight of the snow drifts piled up against the dome wall, higher than he was tall, shuddered, and hurried down the street to the Smith’s house. He didn’t remember to knock until he’d already opened the lemon-yellow front door.

“Who’s… oh, hello there, Ryan,” Mrs Smith said, hurrying into the living room. “Scarlet isn’t here – I think she has classes at the college until seven.”

“I – well, I wanted to drop by and talk to you about a birthday party for her.”

Mrs Smith shook her head slightly, and made eye contact over Ryan’s shoulder – he took a quick look out of the corner of his eyes and realized that Mr Smith was standing on the front stairs, behind him.

Thanks in advance for any comments!

6 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: The Snow Job

  1. ahh,, the parens in law.. always a joy. A very enjoyable six.


  2. Jessica Subject says:

    Eek! The dreaded father. LOL Great six! 🙂


  3. Chip Etier says:

    Hmmm…wonder if the old man had been cleaning his shotgun.
    Nice six!


  4. Oh dear, something tells me that Mr Smith isn’t as friendly towards Ryan as his wife is! I like how you build up this scene and the tension. Great 6.


  5. Makes me want to know a lot more about the interpersonal dynamics.


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