Nanowrimo Spotlight #22: Holly (An Innovative Pursuit)

Well, pictureit’s the last day of November, and my last Nano spotlight interview for the year – thanks to everybody who’s volunteered and made this possibly my most successful spotlight series yet! ūüôā Today I have a brave soul who jumped in to do an alternate interview just a few days ago – Holly!

What’s the most unusual part of your writing process?
I’ve found to keep up with my¬†word count each day I have¬†to write in some¬†locations that aren’t too conducive to focusing, but I make it work. I’ve jotted¬†down my novel¬†on paper during my breaks at work, did¬†lone write-ins at Mcdonalds, and sat in the middle of my¬†family¬†eating for Thanksgiving to meet the end of the month goal of 50K.¬†I also have tried to keep outlines, but have failed, and it tends to have killed my steam so I usually just¬†whatever happens happen when I begin the novel.

Where are your backup files?
I currently have an account with a place called Dropbox. You can download it to your computer, and save the files in that folder, and they will automatically be backed up to your account web. I have shuffled out novels I haven’t looked at in 4 years, and had on an old laptop that died just because they were still saved on that site. I also sometimes just use my email to backup files quickly by saving them in drafts.

What advice would you give to all your fellow Wrimos?
Don’t feel defeated because you missed a few days of writing, or you’re starting late. One year I lost almost half my novel when it got erased, and needed to make up 25K words in 3 days to be able to make the 50K deadline at the end of November. I know not everyone could make up that amount of words since everyone’s time varies, but as someone who was juggling 6 colleges classes, and a 150 hour internship, I felt I had proved with some strong determination it can be done. Ultimately, focus on your own goal for the month whether that be writing as much as you can to feel satisfied¬†whether¬†that be below¬†or going beyond 50K.

Sneaky Ninja Question! Do you tend to avoid conflict with other people or face it head-on?
As someone who is very opinionated I find myself often struggling to avoid conflict. Recently, I have avoided debates, but I also tend to not back down easy if someone seems to be stirring it. So I tend to face conflict head-on. My personality doesn’t allow me to avoid it, and it makes me come off stubborn at times because I have a hard time backing down.


Holly is a blogger, photographer, dog owner, and creative junkie who finds herself passionate about too many subjects. You can find her at

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