Post 700 – The Stage is Yours

A stage

Okay, this is my 700th post, and I couldn’t think of anything cool that would be really worthy of such a milestone. So – and I hope this works, I thought I’d through a kind of an impromptu blogging ‘Open Mike Night.’

If you’ve got something that you think is cool, share it in the comments to this post. Link to a funny YouTube video, share a few paragraphs of your Nano masterpiece, or get up on the soapbox, whatever. I may edit the post to include my favorite little bits.

And have a great weekend, everybody!

5 Responses to Post 700 – The Stage is Yours

  1. AH says:

    coolest video ever! congrats reaching 700 posts. my first goal was 366. Got nearly 8 to go


  2. Congrats on 700! That’s a lot of writing.


  3. Congrats on Post 700!! 🙂


  4. What a great idea for a blog post. Congratulations on 700 posts!! I can’t imagine finding that many things to write about. I only started doing a blog a few months ago, but I find it extremely difficult to come up with topics. 700 is impressive!


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