How can so many computers be one too few? ;)

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I collect digital devices of many kinds. Before my Medion Desktop tower blew up her motherboard on Monday evening, she was one of three working computers in the apartment running Windows XP home – along with the widescreen Toshiba Satellite laptop and the Acer Aspire One netbook. I also have a 4 gig Surf eeePC running Xubuntu, the Alphasmart Dana, and so on down through the smartphones and PDAs.

I don’t tend to anthropomorphise the computers much or treat them as if they had will and intent of their own – they’re sophisticated tools with their own eccentricities of design. But it’s kind of funny how since Serena died, the two windows laptops have been assigned new responsibilities – which mean that they’re not available for writing and other creative work.

I’m hoping that that’s temporary and will get sorted out soon. The Toshiba has been on video conversion duty, but there’s no new videos coming in from my LG DVR, because I cancelled my cable TV service and that got turned off yesterday. There’s still at least a half dozen files to get converted, but there’s more than enough time overnight to get them sorted, especially since I’m now certain I have the right settings for AnyVideoConverterFree.

The netbook has mostly been dispatching data recovery – I’ve been using it to connect to the hard drives recovered from Serena, copying the files either to the netbook hard drive or to my terabyte NAS box. Again, I’ve been making good progress there and most of it should be done by tomorrow morning.

So hopefully I can get to bed early, get a fresh start tomorrow, and do some writing and editing in between cooking and shopping for Christmas presents. 😉 What are your weekend plans?


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