Six Sentence Sunday: The Gnomes are Missing, 7

Happy 2013, everybody! Six Sentence Sunday continues on, though the end is drawing near.

At this point, Kinwer is worried about his gnome friend, but not sure what he can do to help…

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He went straight out to the fields to begin pruning, and Father came out to look for him after he’d finished one row. “Boy! Come in for a bite before you keel over.”

The slice of bread and bowl of vegetable soup did help him feel a bit stronger, and his mind was buzzing with possibilities as he went back out to the field, thinking about the gnomes. He’d probably woken up too late to meet with Gibbs. Gibbs had a father, too, who was always nagging him about something or other. 

Maybe Kinwer could get out to the mound before dinner, if he got the pruning done quickly.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback!

5 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday: The Gnomes are Missing, 7

  1. Jessica Subject says:

    Great show of his anxiousness to meet with Gibbs again! 🙂


  2. I like the “Gibbs had a father, too.”


  3. gzidar says:

    You convey his concern clearly. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Kate Warren says:

    Sounds like Kinwer and Gibbs have a lot in common. Looking forward to next week’s six.


  5. Excellent excerpt, really made me want to keep reading and find out if he made it to the mound.


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